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Nestor found a new job :
Dealer of Hydroalcoholic gel !

Who is
Nestor ?


From now on Nestor will be the first of your team to welcome your clients and guests, inviting them, as soon as they get in your premises, to disinfect their hands.

Straight and discreet, smart with its aluminium livery, Nestor is strong and stable, it does not come to work with lead feet as it is made of steel. Nestor is a square guy.

You don’t have to punch its head to make it work. Anyway it’s not a tactile bloke. Nestor is such a professional, it requires by far that you step on its foot to activate the right dose of
hydroalcoholic gel.

Nestor is tireless. It is commonly presented as a beautiful french machinery. It never runs out of solution, it only requires to quickly open its head and place a full bottle. As Nestor is so honest, a small opening on the side of its head allows you to check it professional efficiency.

Nestor is already available and it will take first express carrier to join your team. You can also pick it up at our warehouse!


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Wholesale price : 259 euros –  Availability : In stock. Delivery in 24/48 hours.

distributeur gel hydroalcoolique

In a few

No doubt, we now have to wash our hands at anytime ! Each and everyone will slowly go back to work, visit their favorite shop, soon meetings will take place again, business lunches to come.
In order to make it the safest way, it must be done avoiding the virus to circulate. It is Nestor’s job.

However, before adopting you new colleague, you’d probably like to know a little more about it, no ? Nestor is French. It comes from Seine & Marne, near Paris. Natives from Seine & Marne are famous for being resistant and come with a 2 years guarantee. If you’d have to get rid of Nestor someday, it is 100% recyclable, so you don’t have to throw it down from a bridge.

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Dealer of Hydroalcoholic gel

Nestor is neither tall nor small, it has the right size, 105 cm high. It’s quite slim (sides of 10 cm) and has its foot on the ground (made of steel, 33,5 cm). You could tell it is rather fit (thanks to its body made of aluminium, it only weighs 6 kg) and still is very stable. Careful, it doesn’t shake
hands and invites you politely to push on its pedal to say hello and work (you got it, distributing the right dose of hydroalcoholic gel).

Nestor is very attentive that all of your visitors wash their hands, thanks to the hydroalcoholic solution (same effect as gel). Pump bottles (diameter max 10 cm x height max 30 cm) are inserted inside Nestor, but don’t worry, it’s painless for it.
As it is quite strong, Nestor’s task is also to frustrate bad behaviors and your bottles will stay at home ! It does not run fast though, so it can’t do anything against shoplifting…

distributeur solution hydroalcoolique

Whosesale price : 259€ (without delivery)
Included : one empty bottle of 1 liter + a dosing stainless steel pump guaranteed for frequent use.


Weight : 6 kgs


Brushed aluminium sheet 15/10th food contact standards compliance / Pedal and foot made of brushed stainless steel 304


Station : 100 x 100 x (h)105 mm
Foot in shape : 335 x 335 mm

Anti-theft device

Station delivered with a key to lock/unlock the flap leading to the hydroalcoholic gel bottle. Lock is a latch 1 point. Square key 4mm

Fast assembly

Easy assembly in 5 minutes : 3 screws between body and foot

Nestor ready
to help


Easy-going guy, Nestor is as much at ease with general public as with you colleagues.

It fits in everywhere, but it knows how to remain at its place, always in smart locations, entries, welcoming points. Yet, it doesn’t like to be called ‘a station’ it finds it humiliating.

Nestor can work as a team member, and then, multiply with some other Nestors along walking paths.

Good thing about its job is that it can be done everywhere : in a supermarket, a clothing store, at the hairdresser, in a lobby, in a restaurant or at the Pub.

Thanks to its good manners, Nestor makes good impressions in any areas !

For whom ?

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Les mains propres is a brand Location TVM and GSV Métallerie.

Manufacturer : we manufacture Nestor ourselves

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